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We provide primary and advanced flight instruction for initial and add-on helicopter certificates and ratings for Private, Commercial, Instrument, Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor-Instrument and Airline Transport Pilot. We also provide transition, recurrent, flight review, insurance check-out, instrument proficiency check, and emergency procedures training.

Here at Spiker Helicopters we provide flight training in the Enstrom 280C helicopter. The Enstrom provides plenty of power, room and speed, and is set up as an instrument trainer as well.

We can also provide flight instruction in a Brantly, Enstrom, Bell 47, or Hiller helicopter supplied by the customer. The aircraft must be current with all inspections and AD's. Aircraft log books may need to be provided as requested by the instructor. The flight instructor has the right to refuse flight in any customer-supplied aircraft.

Want to see what it's like to fly a helicopter without signing up for any courses? Book a discovery/introductory flight and you'll get to fly the helicopter for a half hour with our chief instructor explaining/teaching you how the controls work.This half hour flight is only $245.

Meet the instructor

Financing for flight training is available through Pilot Finance, Inc.

Pilot Finance





 We recommend Helicopter Online Ground School for great videos to prepare for the written (knowledge test), checkride (practical test), and all-around information for helicopter maneuvers and procedures ground instruction. 


Congratulations to the following pilots for passing their checkride with us!

Ron R.  Sep 2011  Private Initial  Brantly B-2B 
Jeff H.  Sep 2011  Commercial Add-On  Brantly B-2B 
Jeff H.  Nov 2012  CFI Add-On  Brantly B-2B 
Phil B. Nov 2012 Commercial Add-On Enstrom 280C
Brad B. Nov 2012 CFI Add-On Brantly B-2B
Steve R.S. Nov 2012 Private Add-On Brantly B-2B
Garret V.            Jun 2013         Private Add-On Brantly B-2B
Megan W. Jul 2013 Private Add-On Enstrom 280C
Steve R.S. Sep 2013 Commercial Add-On         Bell 47
Scott K. Oct 2013 Private Add-On Enstrom 280C
Dan K. Oct 2013 Private Add-On Enstrom 280C
Ben O.  Dec 2013  Private Initial  Brantly B-2B 
Steve R.S.  Mar 2014  CFI Add-On  Bell 47 
Steve Mc. Aug 2014  CFI Initial  Enstrom 280C 
Tim R. Oct 2014 CFI Add-On Enstrom 280C
Matt J.  Jun 2015  CFI Initial  Enstrom 280C 
Joe S.  Sep 2015  Private Add-On  Enstrom 280C 
Alan B.  Oct 2015  Private Add-On  Brantly B-2B 
Ron S. Dec 2015 Instrument Initial Enstrom 280C
Ron S. Jan 2016 CFII Initial Enstrom 280C
Dan S.  Jan 2016  Private Initial  Enstrom 280C 
Geoff S.  Sep 2016 Private Add-On  Enstrom 280C 
Matt J.  Nov 2016  CFII Add-On  Enstrom 280C 
Fred B. Mar 2017 Private Add-On Hiller 12C
Ron S.  Dec 2017 ATP Initial Enstrom 280C